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In Mold Label Printing

In mold labels also called in mold decoration. In mold labeling is a way to decorate plastic parts while they are being made. A special type of plastic sheet called PET is used.

The first step, a design is printed on the PET sheet, and the sheet is heated and shaped.

In the second step, put shaped PET sheets in a mold. When the plastic is injected into the mold, the heat melts an adhesive on the PET sheet, sticking it to the plastic part. In this way, the design becomes part of the plastic part.

Applicable Materials: This method can be used with materials like cloth, PU, leather, wood, and bamboo.

IML Labels

Smart fingerprint lock in mold label

IML Smart Fingerprint Lock

The smart fingerprint lock panel adopts IML label process, and the light transmission effect is very good in all aspects.

Automobile Dash Board In Mold Label

IML and IMF processes are widely used in automotive interior parts to decorate the interior style of the car, making it realistic and environmentally friendly.

In Mold Lable Game Pad

IML process can achieve many surfish finish, suck like smooth surface, sanding, metal texture, wire drawing, dazzling color, UV texture, semi transparent, full transparent, electroplating, color plating, skin coating and cloth coating.

In Mold Labeling Process

There are 6 main steps In mold labeling production process.

Sheet Cutting: cut the pet film to the appropriate size according to the product.

Printing: Print the pattern you want on the pet film and wait for the ink to dry completely.

Punching: Mainly punching the positioning holes.

Hot pressing: After heating the printed film, use a high pressure machine or copper mold to form it in the preheated state.

In Mold Injection: Put the film that is the same as the front mold on the front mold after molding, and inject the IML finished product.

Inspect quality: Finally, remove the burrs and check the product quality.

In-mold Decoration Application

Washing Machine Control Panel IML Process

Motorcycle rear-view mirror in mold label

Motorcycle Rear-view Mirror In Mold Label

IML Process for Phone Case

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IML Label Material Application

The surface effect of IML process can be achieved with a variety of materials, the most common ones are PET, PU leather, wood chips, and even some rubber. Generally speaking, no matter what material it is, as long as the thickness of the diaphragm and the inner surface structure meet the corresponding conditions, such as the inner surface structure can be glued, it can be used for IML.

Surface layer: film (PET film, can be printed with any pattern and color), wood, leather, bamboo, cloth, imitation wood, imitation leather, imitation cloth, imitation metal, etc.

Middle layer: ink, glue, etc.

Bottom layer: plastics, such as ABS, PC, TPU, PP, PVC, etc.

The Advantages Of IML Products

1. The product pattern and color are clear, non-fading, and full of three-dimensional sense.

2. The product has a long service life, the surface is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and the appearance is smooth as new.

3. The printing accuracy is ±0.05mm, and complex multi-color patterns can be printed.

4. The pattern and color can be changed at any time during the production process without changing the mold.

5. In addition to flat shapes, the product shapes made by the IML process can also be curved surfaces, arc surfaces, bevels, etc. with special appearance effects.

6. The product does not contain any solvent-based glue and meets environmental protection requirements.

7. The light transmittance of the window lens is as high as 92% or more.

8. The raised bubbles of the function keys are uniform and feel good. The button products are embossed during in-mold injection molding, and the button life can reach more than 1 million times.

Custom In Mold Label Manufacturer

Baiwe is one of the best custom in mold label manufacturers in China. We mainly make IML home appliance panels, IMD smart panels, IML injection molding, IMD injection molding, IMD lenses, IML lenses, IMD processes, IML processes, etc.

in mold label IML

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