Rapid Prototype Injection Molding

We Are China Rapid  Prototype Injection Molding Services Provider, accepting small batch plastic injection products manufacturing.​

Baiwe-Prototype Molding Services Supplier

Baiwe is the one of best of prototype plastic molding manufacturers in China, with over 15 years of OEM prototype molding services.

We focus on advanced prototype molding for many years, our factory is full equipment such as CNC machines, EDM machines, and other prototype injection molding machines.

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What is Prototype Injection Molding?

Rapid prototype molding is essentially an injection mold, it can produce physical plastic parts quickly and economically. Generally, prototype molding services are used in the early stage of project development.

Injection Molding Prototype Cost

It’s much lower than mass production plastic mold cost.Usually the cost of rapid prototyping injection molding is 1/3 or less of the cost of mass production plastic mold.

Plastic Part Price

The unit cost of plastic parts made by rapid injection molding is higher than mass production plastic injection molding.

Prototype Mold Life

We can guarantee the mold life is at least 1,000 shots.

Mold Cavities

Normally it’s single or 2 cavities.Mass production plastic mold normally has more cavities to improve the production efficiency.

Why Plastic Prototype Molding?

Compared to other prototyping methods, rapid production prototyping have many benefits as below,


  • l Rapid processing: injection molding prototyping can get results quickly.
  • l Test of Concept: Rapid prototyping can quickly verify product design and the physical end product, technical failures to enable design changes and improvements.
  • l Quick market testing: rapid prototyping allows for faster testing of product selling.
  • l Cost-effective: injection molding prototype services can be applied before mass production to evaluate the entire project at a lower cost.

Injection Molding: Aluminum V.S Steel Tooling

Aluminum Tooling

Aluminum molds have low strength, variability, and wear resistance. It can only be used for rapid production of no more than 1,000~5,000 shots, and the product process is not harsh. Generally used for quick proofing , produce small scale prototype molding plastic products.

Steel Tooling

The steel mold has high strength and long service life. Generally at least 10,000 shots can be produced for long-term mass production. Because the material properties of the two are quite different, the mold structure is different. For example.


For the same product, the structure of the steel mold is relatively complex, including many mold components and inserts. But aluminum molds don’t have to have many mold components. The difference in processing difficulty, man-hours, and design between the two makes the final mold cost very different.

Baiwe- Your One of Prototype Molding Services Manufacturers

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