Large Part Injection Molding

Baiwe is one of the best large injection molding companies in China,we can make extra large plastic parts.

Injection Molding Contract Manufacturing

Baiwe has 10 large injection molding machines ranging from 1088 tons to 3000 tons, supporting the production of extra large plastic parts.

Our 3000 ton injection molding machine can have an injection volume of up to 77  lbs and product size length up to 2.5m.

Complete finishing capabilities, including: design capabilities, tooling,plastic part injection molding, large parts production, and assembly.

Manufacturing Large Plastic Parts

Large injection molding machine

Large Injection Molding Machine

New big injection molding is 3000 tons,with shot size to 77 lbs,can produce the large plastic part size up to 250cm.

extra large part injection molding

Extra Large Part Injection Molding

150*120cm extra large plastic parts, plastic shells are used to protect electrical equipment.

Injection Mold Large Plastic Parts

120*50cm molded large plastic parts for collecting rain water.

Baiwe-The One of Best Large Injection Molding Companis in China

Baiwe is one of the top manufacturers of custom plastic injection molding in China, Baiwe has much experience in extra large injection and molding. Here are the services we offer:

3D Mold Design: We can provide mold design services if you have large physical plastic parts.

Mold DFM Analysis: Once the design is confirmed, we will offer DFM analysis to assess whether your large plastic product suits injection molding. This step will avoid the potential risks and reduce unnecessary costs.

Prototype Large Plastic Parts: Prototype injection molding is suitable for small batch projects at lower cost.Normally,we do 1 cavity at low cost for small quantity of plastic parts. We also have 3D printers to print the prototype, to test the possibility of the project.

Extra Large Injection Molding: We have over 10 large plastic injection machines, sizes from 1088 tons to 3000 tons, can make extra large plastic parts with shot size can be up to 77 lbs,and 250cm length.

Large Plastic Part Manufacturing and Assembly: We can provide production and assembly services for your injection-molded plastic parts.

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Plastic Molding Large Plastic Parts

large molded parts plastic tray

Large Molded Parts Plastic Tray

extra large plastic mold for cement

Extra Large Plastic Mold For Cement

Big plastic Injection Molding For Cement Mold

How We Optimize Your Large Plastic Parts Project?

There is mainly 5 process of plastic injection molding.

Injection Molding Gas Assist

Assist the molding process using pressurized gas at the right times to make parts that are stronger and look better.

Foam Injection Molding

Structural foam molding is a way to make plastic parts using low pressure. In this process, melted plastic is mixed with nitrogen gas or a special foaming chemical. After that, the plastic is pushed into a mold, but not too much. The gas or foam expands and pushes the plastic to fill the mold completely. As the part cools down, the pressure from the gas helps to avoid dents on the surface and makes the part stronger.


In Mold Label

In mold label can also be called in mold color or in mold decoration.

The PET with the surface coated with the process requirements is used as the carrier, the ink pattern layer is printed on the printing surface, and the adhesive is solidified. Then it is heated and baked for hot pressing and trimming. The PET with the formed shape is put into the injection mold cavity by manual or mechanical hands and filled with plastic. Under high temperatures, the adhesive melts and adheres the PET sheet with the ink pattern layer to form a whole with the plastic.

plastic injection molding is making a cap

Large Part Injection Molding Cost

Large part injection molding is usually more expensive because it requires a larger injection mold. The specific price depends on the structural complexity, size, and way of process of the big plastic part.

The mold fee starts from $10,000 , can up to $200,000, and the unit price of the large plastic parts ranges from $1 to tens of dollars.

Please send us your 3D drawing, and our technical team will quote you the best cost in 24 hours,call us today!

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