What is LSR Injection Molding (LIM)?

Nowadays, the application range of silicone rubber products is getting wider and wider, and LSR injection molding is an important role in this industry.

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Here let us explore it, first, we have to talk about the liquid silicone rubber material, the main points you should know as follows,
  1. Liquid silicone rubber(LSR) is excellent insulation, suitable for high-quality or high-tech electronic plugs.
  2. Liquid silicone rubber(LSR) materials are suitable for use in high temperature or low-temperature environments. The insulation properties, mechanical properties, and physical properties of the materials remain unchanged at 200 ℃ or as low as -40 ℃.
  3. It is resistant to gasification and aging, so it is suitable for outdoor applications.
  4. Liquid silicone rubber(LSR) is oil resistant, can be used in the oil mining industry. There are two models: vertical double slide liquid silicone injection molding machine, vertical single slide liquid silicone injection machine, used to produce all kinds of high-demand, high-precision silicone rubber products; lower cylinder angle injection machine, is the production of composite suspension insulators, Post insulators and traditional models of arresters.
  5. The material is very safe, It can be sterilized and is suitable for medical supplies and baby supplies.
lsr molding machine

The Advantages of LSR Injection Molding (LIM).

There are many advantages to LSR Injection Molding (LIM). It’s compared with silicone compression molding.

The liquid silicone rubber(LSR) material is safer, silicone gel has food grade or medical grade. The LSR injection molding(LIM) has higher precision, can make very high precision silicone rubber parts. Also, it has a very thin parting line and a small flash.

From the aspect of the manufacturing process, LSR Injection Molding (LIM) also has the following advantages,

Labor-saving: LSR Injection Molding (LIM) requires only one person to operate, and it can be fully automated. But Silicone compression molding needs more workers to inspect goods and deflashing.

Time-saving: LSR Injection Molding (LIM) vulcanization process is faster, it can save 1/4-1/3 of time more than the silicone compression silicone molding.

Less waste of raw materials: The waste of raw materials for liquid silicone injection molding((LIM) is reduced to less than 10% as compared with compression silicone molding.

Quality improvement: Liquid silicone rubber has excellent transparency, tear strength, resilience, yellowing resistance, thermal stability, aging resistance, and weather resistance, and it does not contain harmful substances after vulcanization.

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